Top 5 Reasons to Learn Massage

Massage workshops in Westbury-on-Trym

Most of us know the joy of receiving a massage. The feeling of aching muscles relaxing, busy mind letting go and knowing that someone is there, caring for us, is a truly lovely experience.

It may not be as immediately obvious that learning to give massage can be an equally joyful experience, especially if you’ve already tried and it didn’t go so well – twisting yourself into awkward positions, aching thumbs, and feedback from your partner that you just weren’t able to get to their sore spots.

However, there are many ways that learning massage can benefit you and even prove to be deeply relaxing – find out how in my Top 5 Reasons to Learn Massage.

1. Finding your own way


The good news is that massage is actually very natural and everyone has the ability to do it.  There’s no right or wrong way and although there are techniques, everyone finds their own way to practice. It truly is a creative art and so helps you to live your own unique expression. One of the most heart-warming things I see teaching massage workshops in Westbury-on-Trym is when something suddenly ‘clicks’ for the person giving the massage and they create their own method that works for them.

2. Supporting the body


I learnt massage because I knew I needed to do something to help my own body. I lived with chronic stress and poor posture for years – I just didn’t feel happy in my body. Through learning and practising holistic massage, I have become so much more aware of how my body is feeling and what it needs. My posture is improved, I move much more fluidly and am waaaay more relaxed than I used to be. It doesn’t mean I don’t ever feel stressed or achy – I do, but now I recognise it so much more quickly and can address it before I get burnt out.

3. Staying present


It’s also helped me to become present – to myself and others. The best way to approach massage is to connect with yourself first, see how you are doing, take a few deep breaths and then approach the other. This means that, over time, the more you practice, the more used you get to checking with yourself, being aware of what’s going on in your body, and then meeting another in a relaxed and aware state. This builds trust and intimacy not just in massage but in relationship as a whole.

4. Being comfortable in your own skin


You don’t have self-sacrifice to give a good massage or wear yourself out for someone else, and in fact you give a better massage if you don’t. I can show you a particular posture and way of moving at my massage workshops in Westbury-on-Trym that means you stay relaxed and open and don’t stress your body while giving massage, even deep pressure. This also helps to improve posture and awareness of your body in daily life.

5. Knowing you are enough


Let go of the idea that you are fixing someone or even that they can be fixed. All you can do when you massage someone is give whatever you have to give on that day, without making yourself feel stressed or in pain. If you feel that you are over-efforting and straining your body, this isn’t helpful for you and actually the stress will translate to the person you are massaging, so isn’t good for them either. It’s tempting to want to try and fix everything, make it all better for someone or have them think you give the greatest massage ever because you give so much. But you can only offer them the opportunity to let go – whether they do or not is up to them. The key is to stay present and tuned in and then whatever you need to do becomes clear – whether that is to focus in, stay still or ask your partner what they would like you to do. Be curious and open and then whatever the outcome, its welcome! An you can relax into the knowing that you are enough and have given all you can.

Is learning massage for you? If you’d like to know more about massage workshops in Westbury-on-Trym, come to my FREE talk on 12 September at the Practice Rooms. Spaces are limited, email me to book your place.