Hear and read how my clients have benefitted from sessions and massage workshops in Bristol with me.

Lisa Lochhead, Shropshire.

"The face massage was superb! I could feel myself glowing afterwards" Matthew, Bristol

“I have had tightness in the hip area for several months and was lacking in clarity and balance. Being a newly qualified massage therapist, I have been unsure about starting my business. I saw one of Jenny’s amazing videos and was drawn to her warmth and calmness. I felt some physical and emotional difference immediately after the treatment which gradually improved during consecutive days. I noticed less pain and more movement in the hip area, also a general sense of wellbeing and feeling grounded. I have realised that there is a physical but also an emotional aspect to the pain. I am glad I found Jenny and I am looking forward to receiving regular treatments alongside ongoing self care activities to help me manage the day to day and increase my confidence as a therapist! Highly recommend." Cinzia, Bristol

"I've always especially enjoyed holistic massages I've had with Jenny. She has a very deep and sensitive presence and I find her massages very nourishing." Andrew, Bristol

"Learned a lot in a short space of time during the couples massage workshops in Bristol. Very well structured. Jenny was very knowledgeable and able to demonstrate well. Very relaxing workshop during and after. Able to put what was learned into practice after the massage workshop in Bristol. We were looking to learn massage skills for relaxation and to ease minor muscle tension. Jenny delivered that. Would highly recommend." Jacqui, Manchester

"My massage with Jenny nourished me and helped my healing through a difficult illness. From the first treatment I knew Jenny’s massage would strengthen me. She was always most professional, taking detailed history before work began on my tender body. Each time I came away from a treatment feeling a little stronger. I had four sessions of holistic massage over a period of seven months and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Jenny’s treatments made a considerable contribution to my recovery." Karen, Bristol

"I've had several sessions of holistic massage with Jenny. I have always gone for the strongest and most powerful massages possible - I thought the discomfort felt deep and needed a strong massage to reach it. But Jenny's massages are gentle and sensitive and I would say they reach the deep discomfort even better. Jenny works intuitively and has responded to my body according to my presentation on the day rather than following a set routine. Her treatment room has an air of calm, acceptance and nourishment so I've felt like I can let go and just be." Pam, Stroud